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APPRECIATION AND WORK COMPLETION CERTIFICATE Contract No. KOC-15051177. - All the project work components (CP well Drilling & casing installation) of the above project name has been satisfactorily executed and completed in accordance with the contract agreement to the project proposal and in fulfillment of the technical agreement and financial agreement signed between DYCE and ADC, on 18-Sep-2017. - All the Drilling activities and Casing installation have been satisfactorily executed and completed, in compliance with the details and KOC specifications which contained in the approved drawings and work plans which is part of the said technical agreement and financial agreement. - DYCE Appreciate ADC for 15 Days early completion of this project on 16-Jan-2018. - DYCE Appreciate ADC for them Effort to complete the project as a professional ISO Certificated drilling company.

  • Date: 12/04/2021 11:50 AM
  • Location: Ahmadi, Kuwait (Map)